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The post-pandemic situation we live in is moving towards a digital fever mentality. Companies who will succeed will be those that create smart experiences and customer journeys that facilitate and/or complement people’s lives. Companies who will fail will be those that don’t seek to benefit from new technologies such as AI, IoT, etc and don’t take advantage of data to anticipate trends in demand and make decisions that improve the workforce. From the governance's standpoint, Information Technology in contemporary India has played a revolutionary role in positioning the country as one of the top nations making the most advancements digitally in recent times. Most importantly, digital transformation has widened India's possibility of innovation in every aspect of its economic engine and even optimization of resources, currently being pursued across sectors ranging from e-Education, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, retail, financial services, banking, national defense, and security to public utilities.

or digital transformation a right strategy is more important than technology but simply going digital isn’t going to cut any more. Digital transformation challenges are complex to handle. Therefore, organizations need to create a substantial ecosystem and clear strategies to drive change seamlessly.

2021 Speakers

Aalok Bhan
Chief Marketing Officer
Max Life Insurance Company Limited
Abhishek Sharma
Chief Digital Officer
L&T Finance
Abhishek Gupta
Chief Information Officer
Dish TV
Ambuj Bhalla
Director IT Security and CISO
Amit Doshi
Chief Marketing Officer
Arif Khan
Chief Digital Officer
Arpita Das
Chief Information Officer
Valvoline Cummins
Babitha B P
Chief Information Security Officer
CSB Bank

This Conference is Curated for

India CDO Summit will contextualise the key technology trends and industry disruption, while exploring the underlying process of organisational change. Designed to Educate, Inspire & Engage, the summit is geared towards Chief Digital Data and Analytics Officers, digital/data strategists and senior technologists and digital leaders, providing an insightful peer-led environment and a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.


Chief Digital Officer

Chief Data Officer

Chief Analytics Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Digital Platform Management




Retail & Ecommerce

Travel &Hospitality

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical


Media and Entertainment


Energy and Utility

Who Will Partner

Exhibiting and showcasing their solutions will be organizations from the below given categories:

IT and Digital Transformation

Analytics and Enterprise Solutions

IoT, AI, ML, RPA and Cloud solutions

CX Solution

Cyber and Digital security

2021 Partners



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